Visual essay for literary magazine De Gids

In between the lines

Art work for public prosecution service with phrases in illuminated niches »

Creativity is not about industry


A couple of years ago I flew to Australia to work as a designer in residence. Although it was my first time out of Europe, arriving in Australia was quite disappointing. Flying to the other side of the world, I had expected a different society. People, cars, buildings, interiors and houses looked similar to what I’d seen before. But the moment I started to live in Melbourne, I was confronted with the many small differences. It was a totally different society. Don’t ask me why, but I started to collect small differences: – The sky is bigger – City’s are build for cars –Orange Juice is called ‘daily juice’ –‘Hi, how are you?’ is the first thing to say to anybody, also in supermarkets – The voice of people is softer (less loud) – In general, people are so polite. I find it hard to be the same – If you leave the door open, people ask you if you’re born in a tent. – In the Netherlands you would be asked whether you’re born in a church – On nameplates for artworks in museums, not only the year of birth and death of the artist is mentioned, also the year of arrival in Australia – Everything older then 100 years is considered ancient – I’ve never before been aware of how Dutch I actually am – For the first time in my life I feel that I am (a) ‘European’

The Public Desire

Visual contributions showcasing various aspects of public culture »

A Station Called Desire

Temporary artwork with light boxes in public space »

Flying Seagull

Animation on the KPN tower Rotterdam »