Subjective Atlas of Hainaut

Subjective atlas mapping the Belgium province Hainaut from inside out by it’s inhabitants themselves »

Subjective Atlas of Fryslân

Subjective atlas mapping the Dutch province Fryslân from inside out by it’s inhabitants themselves »

Cartographic Artillery


Cartographic Artillery consists of a collection of maps that visualize where alleged weapons of mass destruction ought to be produced in Iraq, Iran and Syria. These assumptions were dangerously wrong and that these maps have been used as very false evidence.


Exhibition on contemporary reactive map making practices at Tropical Research Institute, Lisbon »

Creation in times of turbulence


Palestinian artist Khaled Hourani and Brussels-based designer Annelys de Vet started ‘Disarming Design’ in September 2012 with a design workshop at the International Academy of Arts Palestine. The duo invited artists, designers, and craftsmen to make contemporary products using existing production processes. A couple of vibrant, unpredictable, and very fruitful weeks followed in which two-dozen Palestinian cultural practitioners and three students from the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam collaborated. They visited several workplaces, not only in Ramallah, but also in Nablus, Hebron, and Bethlehem, to investigate the production processes, learn about the small-scale factories, and run experiments with the craftsmen and their materials. What follows are edited extracts of de Vet’s observations as the project unfolded…

Subjective Atlas of Hungary

Subjective atlas mapping Hungary from inside out by it’s inhabitants themselves »

Subjective Atlas of Mexico

Subjective atlas mapping Mexico from inside out by it’s inhabitants themselves »

Epilogue – Subjective atlas of Hungary


At a quick, unsuspecting glance, the line between nationalism and talking about cultural identity looks hair-fine. As we were putting together the Subjective atlas of Hungary, this conflict was a constant subject of discussion. The atlas is meant to show cultural diversity and emphasize personal experience as part of the collective. It thereby underlines that culture is not static but in constant motion and different for everyone. This certainly does not mean we cannot talk about shared values or a national spirit. But how we talk about them is always a delicate matter that demands awareness, especially in the present period.

Calendar Puttershoek

Artwork in public space. Series of twelve traditional Dutch chequered tea towels »

Subjective Atlas of Serbia

Subjective atlas mapping Serbia from inside out by it’s inhabitants themselves »

Better a far neighbour as a good friend


How wonderful it is not to be a tourist. Especially in places where there are hardly any tourists at all this time of the year, November. Beograd (literally: white city) is grey, dirty, crowded and different, especially so much different from other cities in the west. I am here for two weeks to make a “Subjective atlas of Serbia” together with artists and designers. In a personal way this group of Serbian creative persons is going to map out their country and daily lives. Direct involvement as a starting point to develop honest alternative images. All interviews we had about the work, combined with an overall view of all plans and intentions, directly touch the soul of society. For me it is a crash course in Serbian culture. Which appears to be more complex than expected.

27 Views On Terrorism Today

Publication with 27 students about the representation of terrorism »

Subjective Atlas of Palestine

Subjective atlas mapping Palestine from inside out by it’s inhabitants themselves »

The public role of the graphic designer

Publication questioning the public cause of graphic designers »

Subjective Atlas of the Netherlands

Subjective atlas mapping Netherlands from inside out by it’s inhabitants »

Subjective Atlas of the EU, from an Estonian point of view

Subjective atlas mapping EU from inside out by it’s inhabitants themselves »

Comparing the city

Publication on cultural differences between Maastricht and the city's »



Mood Ballot for the election of the members of the House of Parliament