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The Design Department of the Sandberg Instituut (Masters Rietveld Academie Amsterdam) is a think tank for visual strategies

Subjective Atlas of Hungary

Subjective atlas mapping Hungary from inside out by it’s inhabitants themselves »

Subjective Atlas of Mexico

Subjective atlas mapping Mexico from inside out by it’s inhabitants themselves »

Epilogue – Subjective atlas of Hungary


At a quick, unsuspecting glance, the line between nationalism and talking about cultural identity looks hair-fine. As we were putting together the Subjective atlas of Hungary, this conflict was a constant subject of discussion. The atlas is meant to show cultural diversity and emphasize personal experience as part of the collective. It thereby underlines that culture is not static but in constant motion and different for everyone. This certainly does not mean we cannot talk about shared values or a national spirit. But how we talk about them is always a delicate matter that demands awareness, especially in the present period.



Visual essay for literary magazine De Gids

Europe is in the eye of the beholder


Poster reflecting on the image of Europe by Indian call centre employees

Creative Sheet


Critical poster for exhibition ‘21 years of cultural posters’ by Design Vlaanderen

Calendar Puttershoek

Artwork in public space. Series of twelve traditional Dutch chequered tea towels »

New designer’s application for 2012-2022


Who are the people incubating within our design schools – the students who will emerge as the world’s Next Designers? What are their backgrounds, ambitions, doubts? How is this generation dealing with our current time-frame, dominated by media and technology? How will they use design to impact society? Do they have what it takes to meet the challenges of their chosen profession? Or is it they who ultimately will define these challenges, and reconstruct the profile of ‘designer’ for our future society. It is up to our schools not only to educate young designers, but to recognize them. In a fictional interview with a prospective student at the Sandberg Institute, design department head Annelys de Vet creates a portrait of a soon-to-be Next Designer.