Subjective Atlas of the EU from an Estonian point of view


Kristjan Mändmaa: What is important in design? Annelys de Vet: Personal involvement and related ideas. Why are you a designer; what do you find appealing in design? Being able to investigate and develop ideas on society and culture, and transform the observations into useful ideas or even leave them as questions. You are constantly experimenting with different means and medias. Do you feel that everything is design or would you rather argue that these additional activities are merely attempts to seek variety and avoid boredom? The output of the work appears in different forms or media, but the input is always the same: ideas. The computer enables me to make videos, printed matter, sounds, images, drawings, websites, newspapers, posters, stamps and coins, all from the same position: sitting at a desk, countless mouse clicks, staring at a screen without a horizon. It’s not the medium that counts, it’s not the skill that matters, but it’s the attitude that makes the difference.

Bar among us

A scenographic music performance unexpectedly in a bar »

Subjective Atlas of the EU, from an Estonian point of view

Subjective atlas mapping EU from inside out by it’s inhabitants themselves »

Comparing the city

Publication on cultural differences between Maastricht and the city's »