The (Con)Temporary Museum Amsterdam regards the city as a museum and the institutions for contemporary art as museum halls; the routes that connect one place with the next are passageways. From wednesday 3rd May until Sunday 7th May the Amsterdam art fair Art Amsterdam was the main entrance where visitors to the art fair were handed master keys that permitted them free access to the ‘halls’ of the (Con)temporary Museum Amsterdam. For the occasion the façades of the participating institutions were hatched – as such, the locations seemed to make one huge imaginary building. At the respective entrances, temporary museum guides provided the visitors information on the exhibitions and particularly on the guided tours, presentations and debates that were being organised. The newspaper presented a general overview of the ‘temporary’ programme and contained an essay by Raoul Teulings in which he advanced the idea to make the city a timely museum of a permanent character.

The (Con)temporary Museum Amsterdam is a concept and project devised by Annelys de Vet adn came about at the request of and in collaboration with Art Amsterdam, SKOR adn AFK. The first edition in 2006 was the prelusion to a long-range project that aimed at establishing a correlation between the art fair and the city and considers the institutions for contemporary art as one entity. A reading of this kind makes the city an ‘imaginary’ architecture that does away with walls and instead creates connections and meanings. In sum, it creates meeting space. Please be welcome to enter.

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