The Netherlands is searching for something. The shared idea of a united future disappeared a long time ago. The influence of globalisation, other cultures and religions and a series of attacks had created a longing for symbols that express what keeps the nation together. The discussion so far in 2005 had been mainly confined to political and religious circles. It was therefore high time for the cultural field to speak out too. By their very nature, the arts have a particular talent for giving voice to regret and longing, but are they also able to fill the void? Does the present time call for an overcoming of the resistance to symbols? Can art develop symbols that give expression to shared values? And which values are they? Is art today capable of formulating a new vision of the future?

Both the exhibition and the publication bearing the title New Symbols for the Netherlands focused on these questions in relation to the social role and significance of art. Figures from inside and outside the art world air their thought-provoking views on the current moral confusion and the expressive potential of art. Within the framework of this project, the following representatives of different visual traditions had been invited to devise ‘new symbols for the Netherlands’: Ahmed Aynan (artist), Alex van de Beld/Onix (architect), Peter Delpeut (film producer) Jos de Putter (film producer), Marjolein Rothman (artist) and Annelys de Vet (designer).

Annelys de Vet contributed with a poster series of proposals for typographic interventions in public space. At the entrance of the exhibition she placed an a enamel plate with the text ‘Provided access’, which in Dutch differs only with 2 letters with ‘Prohibited  access’, underneath it said in Dutch ‘New symbols for the Netherlands’.  In addition she did the graphic design of the accompanying publication.займ на кивикак отключить контекстную рекламу