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Interviews / reviews [NL]
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DEVET is a bureau for graphic research and cultural design, founded by Annelys de Vet. DEVET’s work explores the role of design in relation to the public and political discourse. The practice of design is manifested as a critical agency of social processes, which can govern dialogues, reflection, understanding and debate.

DEVET initiated a series of subjective atlases that map countries from a human perspective. Previous editions concerned Palestine (2007), Serbia (2009), Mexico (2011), Hungary (2011), Fryslân (2013) and the Belgium province Hainaut (2013).* Upcoming editions include Colombia (2015) and Pakistan (2016).

In collaboration with the International Academy of Arts Palestine and ICCO, DEVET founded ‘Disarming Design from Palestine’; an inclusive design label that presents functional products from Palestine, spreading an alternative narrative. The goods are developed, designed and made in Palestine by contemporary designers, artists and students in collaboration with local artisans and producers.The products spread alternative narratives about contemporary Palestine and reflect upon the function of creative practices in situations of conflict.

UNMAPPING THE WORLDIt is an exploration into the field of reactive map-making practices, unveiling the apparent neutrality of professional cartography through contemporary engaged mapping projects. Together with designer Nuno Coelho de Vet curated the exhibition ‘UNMAPPING THE WORLD’ for the ExperimentaDesign biennale 2013 in Lisbon.  The act of unmapping is presented as a poetic form of resistance. In 2015 she headed the student competition of the international poster & Graphic Design Festival in Chaumont, where she invited students from all over the world to submit works that could ‘unmap our worlds’.

Since 2009 de Vet heads the master in design ‘Think tank for visual strategies’ at the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam (Masters Rietveld Academie) — where she earned an MDes herself in 1999. The current team of tutors include Rob Schröder, Daniel van der Velden, Nikki Brörmann and Agata Jaworska. Together they encourage master’s students to use the practice of design to reflect on noteworthy developments in society, to carry out research independently as well as collaboratively and to experiment with different forms of media. The students do research on social and cultural issues as well as on visual and narrative methods and strategies. They initiate projects, build their stories, curate events, and finally edit and design hybrid forms of communication. Together with Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen and Syb Groeneveld, de Vet organizes the Masterclass Sandberg@Mediafonds, which is a laboratory for new forms of digital storytelling for documentary makers, journalists, artist and designers.

* The publications have been awarded with ‘Best designed books 2007’, Henry van der Velde label (2012) and received an honourable mention for the Vredeman de Vries Price (2013).